Reuterina® unveils complete packaging design change – new look, same trusted formulation!

In an exciting move, Reuterina has unveiled a modernised packaging design that will be used across all of Reuterina®’s full range of products for all ages: Reuterina® drops1, Reuterina® Vit D2, Reuterina® junior3, Reuterina® daily4, Reuterina® acute5, and Reuterina® femme6.

The packaging refresh features a new endorsement, the introduction of fun mascot characters, and a probiotic species rename.

The endorsement, ‘POWERED BY BIOGAIA,’ serves to acknowledge BioGaia as the company responsible for the research and development of the Reuterina® formulations7, accompanied by a graphic representing the healthy growth and proliferation of intestinal flora.

Powered by Biogaia logo

Child and baby products now carry friendly yellow mascot characters that bring to life the ‘good bacteria’ that a healthy young gut needs7.

New look flash

In addition to the package redesign, Lactobacillus reuteri, the probiotic species of Reuterina®, was renamed Limosilactobacillus reuteri. The name change was undertaken by a global group of scientists who have collaborated to divide this genus into groups of closely related species – which share certain physiological and metabolic properties – under new genus names.8

The Reuterina® product line’s efficacy and safety remain unchanged.  Over 200 clinical trials have been conducted to validate Reuterina®.9

Reuterina® Range Of Products

Reuterina® offers a wide range of products for people of all ages.

Reuterina® drops 

Reuterina® drops1 are a convenient liquid drop designed specifically for infants under the age of two years. Reuterina® drops have been clinically validated in babies and children and have been shown to benefit a variety of health conditions, including:

  • Colic10
  • Constipation11
  • Regurgitation12
  • Acute gastroenteritis12
  • Antibiotic-associated diarrhoea13


Reuterina® Vit D 

These drops are specifically formulated with 400IU Vitamin D3, which acts to enhance the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body. These drops can be used daily to assist with immune modulation2.

Reuterina® junior

Reuterina junior® strawberry flavoured chew tablets are appropriate for children over the age of two who can chew a tablet3.

These strawberry tablets are indicated for3:

  • Reduction in diarrhoea
  • Reduction in childhood constipation
  • Reduction in frequency and pain in children suffering from Functional Abdominal Pain (FAP)
  • Immune modulation


Reuterina® daily 

Probiotics are used to help treat and prevent conditions caused by an imbalance in the gut flora.4 Reuterina® daily can be used to help treat and prevent diarrhoea and constipation by restoring and maintaining a healthy balance of flora in the stomach and intestines (gut).4

Reuterina® acute 

Reuterina® acute aids in the restoration and maintenance of a healthy balance of gut flora during and after an antibiotic course.5

Reuterina® acute has been clinically validated in trials where it was demonstrated that taking Reuterina® during the antibiotic course resulted in fewer diarrhoeal side effects.14

Reuterina® femme  

Reuterina® femme is indicated to maintain and restore healthy flora.6 When ingested daily, Reuterina® femme helps to maintain a healthy vaginal flora and prevent vaginal infections.6

The Reuterina® family of probiotics are available from selected Dis-Chem and Clicks stores and independent pharmacies nationwide. Join the conversations on Instagram and Facebook.


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